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unparalleled products & pricing

We provide our loan officers maximum product offering and flexibility to meet the needs of borrowers. We sell directly to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae, which provides minimal overlays, and our loan officers are armed with the most competitive pricing on conforming products in the mortgage industry.

I have increased my volume every year since joining Guaranteed Rate.
A lot of that is due to products, technology and marketing, which has allowed me to focus on new business.

  • Ben Cohen
  • Chicago, IL
  • 2016 loan volume: $335.8M
  • 2015 loan volume: $255.8M
  • 2014 loan volume: $153.8M
  • 1 year prior to Guaranteed Rate: $40M
  • 2016 Scotsman Guide rank: 7

Access Exclusive Programs

Our loan officers can always find a program to satisfy the unique needs of clients and referral sources at great rates. Loan officers are free to use our in-house underwriting and all correspondent lenders for conventional, jumbo or government programs. For unique products and situations they have the option of using one of our many portfolio lenders. In addition to the many banks we do business with, we also sell directly to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae.

Conventional Conforming

  • In-house condo delegation
  • 10+ correspondent lender available
  • 97% financing options
  • Low down payment options
  • Direct seller to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac*
  • Locks available without a secured property, Lock & Roll
  • DU Refi Plus and Freddie Open Access Programs
  • Extended lock options
  • Rate renegotiation available
  • Per diem extenstions
  • Down payment assistance programs
  • Renovation Loan options

Second Mortgages

  • Fully amortized fixed second mortgage
  • HELOC options 90 CLTV up to $1.5M


  • In-house condo delegation
  • 10+ National correspondent lenders available
  • Non-warrantable condo options
  • 95% LTV ARM options up to $650K
  • 90% LTV Fixed options up to $1.5M
  • 85% LTV Fixed options up to $3M
  • In-house Delegation to $3M
  • Interest Only available
  • FICO down to 680
  • Rate renegotiation available
  • Long-term lock options
  • As little as two months reserve
  • 10+ broker lenders available
    • Foreign national programs
    • Asset Depletion – Non QM
    • Unlimited cash out
    • Non-warrantable condo options
    • Reverse mortgages

Government Lending FHA, VA & USDA**

  • In-house condo delegation
  • 9 correspondent lenders available
  • Non-credit qualifying FHA streamline (term & lender selections)
  • FHA High Balance available
  • FHA in-house credit and condo approval
  • Non-credit qualifying IRRRLs (term & lender selections)
  • VA Jumbo available
  • Rate renegotiation available
  • Long-term lock options
  • 580 minimum FICO FHA
  • FHA manual underwrites at 620
  • FHA DTI’s greater than 50% (AUS approval/residual income)

*Loan Prospector and Freddie Mac are registered trademarks, and used with permission, of Freddie Mac. Freddie Mac’s permission to use Loan Prospector or Freddie Mac’s trademark should not be deemed an endorsement by Freddie Mac of any person or entity.
**Guaranteed Rate, Inc. is a private corporation organized under the laws of the State of Delaware. It has no affiliation with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the US Department of Agriculture or any other government agency.
Current as of 2/27/2017

Unmatched Pricing

By selling directly to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae, we are able to offer the most aggressive pricing on conforming products in the industry with minimal overlays. Our business model enables us to operate at a lower cost, and this allows us to pass the savings onto borrowers. Our efficiency drives low rates and fees, and investor competition drives better pricing. Our flexible compensation model allows you to price to your needs.

Contact us to learn more about our competitive pricing.

Our pricing is the best around when it comes to VA and FHA. In my time at Guaranteed Rate I haven’t lost a single government deal.

  • John Noldan
  • Naperville, IL
  • 2016 loan volume: $167.4M
  • 2016 FHA/VA loan volume: $19.1M
  • 2015 loan volume : $150.7M
    2015 FHA/VA loan volume: $15M
  • 2014 loan volume: $87M
  • 2016 Scotsman Guide rank: 55