transition made easy

At Guaranteed Rate, we have dedicated onboarding teams to help with pipeline management, business development, marketing and training to get you up and running fast.

This has by far been the most seamless transition of my career. I saw no dip in my production, my team has been given the training that they need to grow and develop with GR and marketing made my contacts aware of my change and took the burden off me. There weren’t any issues.

  • Andrew Marquis
  • Waltham, MA
  • 2016 loan volume: $251.8M
  • 2015 loan volume: $195.2M
  • 2014 loan volume: $119.5M
  • 2016 Scotsman Guide rank: 20

Here is how we help loan officers


New loan officers’ licensing transition starts immediately and they are introduced to their support teams. We supply IT needs and set up pipeline meetings right away.


On day one, loan officers receive a startup kit and their designated regional marketing manager will help with database management, review of marketing collateral and act as a single point of contact for all marketing needs.


We help our loan officers get their first events scheduled and get moving with social media. We ensure they are trained quickly on our online tools to help grow their referral business. Our sales coaching series, hosted by our CEO, features top loan officers who offer their personal insights on how to help double purchase business.


Our dedicated training team provides immediate education to enable loan officers to learn our systems, programs and processes inside and out.

As a former owner, I knew the changing regulatory environment was going to limit my ability to grow. I am now able to focus on the things that I love; business development; recruiting and most importantly growing the business of my top producers and my own personal production, while leaving compliance, payroll and tedious administrative duties to someone else.

  • Julia Borst
  • Midvale, UT
  • Former Owner of MetroPointe Mortgage
  • Company Volume and Units the Last Full Year with MetroPointe Mortgage: $66.4 million, 289 units
  • 2016 Regional Loan Volume and Units with Guaranteed Rate: $509.3 million, 2025 units
  • 2015 Regional Loan Volume and Units with Guaranteed Rate: $433.2 million, 1657 units
  • 2014 Regional Loan Volume and Units with Guaranteed Rate: $321.5 million, 1334 units
  • 2013 Regional Loan Volume and Units with Guaranteed Rate: $286.1 million, 1218 units

Here is how we help owners

Grow Production

Our combination of industry-best pricing, products, process, support and technology enable former owners and their staff to focus on selling. By tapping into the best practices built to support the nation’s top loan officers, their business will benefit instantly.

Reduce Risk

Joining Guaranteed Rate will allow former owners to free up personal assets that may presently be securitizing business warehouse lines and/or pledged toward meeting regulatory and contractual net worth requirements.

Turn Over Regulation, Compliance and Licensing

Our legal, compliance and licensing departments will ensure that loan officers will be executing within all state and federal regulatory requirements. We are experienced in on-boarding companies ranging in size from five to more than 100 loan officers, and we work with multiple state agencies simultaneously to ensure a quick and smooth licensing transition.

Eliminate Administration Tasks

Turn over the time-consuming administrative tasks to us. We will handle payroll, accounting, human resources, marketing and other owner responsibilities, so the focus can be kept on growing business.